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The best airports to fly into are Naples or Rome. Getting to Capri from Italy Mainland – high-speed ferry from Napoli, private boat or helicopter – depending on your budget of course!

Once you are on the island – either your accommodation will have a pre-arranged transfer waiting, or the taxis are at the ferry doorstep. Allow 40 Euros for a very short journey.

Many people hire a car, which ends up being far more cost-effective than multiple taxis per day. We hired a Vespa (very Italian) and it’s such a beautiful way to explore the island. Sense of freedom and of course no parking issues!

St Tropez France


There are plenty of incredible Villas in Capri – but like everything on this island – planning is essential, particularly in peak times. We were lucky enough to secure a booking in a gorgeous family run Villa in Ana Capri – a gorgeous spot out of the hustle and bustle of main Capri. Also one of our shoot locations.


Our Family Villa

Villa Anacapri

For a luxury experience

JK Place Capri Hotel

For interior design lovers

Capri Tiberio Palace

Best Location

Punta Tragara Hotel

St Tropez France Pastels


Favourite Place

Il Riccio

Long days on sun beds sipping Rose, or enjoying the incredible seafood. Also one of our shoot locations.


Lo Zodiacocapri Ristorante

The service and food was incredible. It’s in the thick of the tourist area but felt authentic with a nice mix of locals and tourists.

Amazing View

Geranio Capri

French Yacht
St Tropez Sailing

Must Do Experiences

Private Beach Club

La Fontelina

For Instagram kudo’s this is place to be seen, and people watch, La Fontelina is a beach club near Punta Tragara. Super chic, you pay a premium to hang with the it crowd. In order to reserve loung chairs, you must reserve a table for lunch as well. They have a strict reservation policy, they require a credit card to hold your table and no shows will be charged

Tour of the Blue Grotto

Giannis Boats

We used the incredible Giannis Boats to get around

More Amazing Views

Chair Lift Anacapri

A very touristy thing to do, but the views are incredible.

St Tropez Sailing
St Tropez Sunset

Travel Tips

Catching Ferries

you can buy tickets in advance online, or at the port – just arrive with plenty of time to purchase your ticket, especially if you are travelling in peak times and beware that only one suitcase is allowed per ticket – you must purchase extra luggage before boarding, or they won’t let you on the ferry.


Whatever you think your trip to Capri will cost, times it by 3 and make sure you either carry, or have easy access to cash. Many places choose not to take card, have surcharges and hidden tips, and simply getting around the island is expensive – taxis only take cash.

Plan well in advance

Book everything in advance! There is no such thing as impromptu during the Summer season in Capri. Expect restaurants and day clubs to be booked out a month or two in advance.