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There is something ethereal about Venice Beach. The crystal clear skies and rows of Palm silhouettes as far as the eye can see – the music, the people, the energy…everything. Countless photographers go there to capture its essence in one frame, us included, only to discover it’s simply not possible. So we go back and try again.

Venice is a chameleon.
Creatively it can be anything to anyone.

We chose Venice as the location for our Stevie May social content shoot. It was the perfect backdrop for the free-spirited Stevie May collection we were shooting. We wanted to capture the feminine silhouettes and fabrications in an Iconic location while telling the story of the modern LA Bohemian loving life in her city.


Model – Gina Buldorini @ Hollywood Models
Photographer – Kiera Chevell
Stylist – Gill Lawrence
Hair & Makeup – Di Dusting
Production and Editing – Wallcandy Co