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A modern castle of epic architectural proportions, La Muralla Roja (The Red Wall) rises from the clifftops of the Costa Blanca, Spain. The outer walls are rose red, and in some lights a musky pink, while many of the interior walls are oceanic blue fading to creamy sky, featuring stairs that fit together like giant Tetris blocks.

It is no wonder that the post-card worthy paradise has become an Instagram sensation, renowned by artists, photographers and bloggers searching for the perfect dream-scape for their next post. This was the location chosen for Wallcandy’s creative direction of MLM Label’s latest Campaign.

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When you arrive at the Muralla, what you will find is the artistic masterpiece of architect Ricardo Bofill (who also built the enticingly named ‘Xanadu’ not too far away), born in Argentina and one of Spain’s premier designers. He is famous for the perfect symmetry of his buildings (seen in stunning drone footage from the air), and his unconventional use of shape and colour built to merge seamlessly with urban cityscapes or natural topography.

A fairy-tale fantasy for adults, the castle sits at the edge of the sea and is cleverly segmented to allow for almost constant visibility of the horizon. The rooftop alone is not only a communal space, but features an incredible vantage point for lazy reclining or snapping the perfect picture. The interior itself is also impressive, with low cut outs framing islands that rise from the azure sea.

South France Buildings
St Tropez France Pastels
South France Buildings
St Tropez France Pastels

Despite its universal appeal (and the myriad of photos under #lamurallaroja) this is a unique apartment complex rented by locals, rather than a hotel. If you want to truly get the Muralla Roja experience – and enough photos to drip-feed to your followers over the coming weeks – rent an on-site room through AirBNB.
In low season, this can be as cheap as $120 USD per night.

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St Tropez France Pastels


To arrive, fly into the Valencia airport Calpe, and ensure you take the opportunity to hire a (very affordable) car and enjoy the city itself before taking the incredible route to Calpe.


Eat, Drink & Play

Authentic local tapas

Bodega La Montana

A glowing oasis in the dark Spanish fishing district. This spot specialises in barrelled wine, oil-soaked anchovies with cheeses and rustic bread.

Aquarium & Architecture Lovers

Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias

The City of Arts and Sciences is an entertainment-based cultural and architectural complex in the city of Valencia, Spain. Experience their operatic rooms, planetarium and the largest aquarium in Europe!


Calle Caballeros, El Carmen

The area that is called El Carmen is renowned for being a place to head for bars, clubs and restaurants. Head to Calle Caballeros street where bars and clubs exist inside 15th-century mansions.

Shopping & Cafes

Ruzafa (aka Russafa) District

This happening neighbourhood has a local market, stylish cafés and independent boutiques. Things heat up after dusk when the bars start filling up.

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St Tropez France Pastels


Calpe itself is home to stunning Mediterranean beaches and the ruins of Pobla de Ifac, 5 Star dining and an incredible coastal landscape. Combine this with the exquisite La Muralla Roja and it is a destination not to be missed.

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